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Choose a server and customise your character

Once you've installed the game, the first thing you should do is select a server (or you can opt to play single player). You'll then be able to select your faction: will you be a human, and elf or a dwarf?

Once you've decided which faction to play, you get to customise your character. As soon as that is done, you're ready to play!


Move the camera/viewpoint by moving your mouse around. Move your character forward, left, backwards and right by using W, A, S and D respectively. Zoom in and out by scrolling your mouse wheel up and down respectively. Run by holding Left Shift, Crouch by holding Left Ctrl and Jump by pressing Space. Access the Inventory by pressing I, Skills by pressing U Attack using LMB and sheath using Q.

Access the full in-game controls through the Setting tab on the Main Menu.

A New World - Task Guide

Let's get started! You begin in the city of the faction you chose while creating your character. Archmage Alysia appears to guide you through the start of the game. Her comments disappear quite quickly: read them in full below.

A New World: Harvesting

You need to gather 10 blueberries, 3 stones and 3 magic shards. You can do this by left clicking while near bushes or in stony areas.

A New World: Crafting an item

Open your Inventory by pressing I. To the left you will see the schema for the Rune of Light. Click it, then click Craft Item

A New World: Let there be light

Cast the Rune of Light by selecting it in your Inventory and clicking ".

A New World: Satiating Hunger and Thirst

You can complete this quest by eating 3 blueberries.

A New World: Melee Crafting Skill

Rank up the melee crafting skill by gathering stones, crafting tools and crafting melee weapons.

A New World: Crafting an Axe

Craft a Stone Axe by clicking the Stone Axe schema in the Inventory and clicking Craft Item.

A New World: Equipping an Axe

Access you Inventory and equip the Stone Axe.

A New World: Chopping Trees

To complete this task, harvest 5 apples and 50 wood. Use your Stone Axe to chop down trees to get apples and wood.

A New World: Crafting a Staff

Craft a Sorceror's staff by clicking the schema and clicking Craft Item.

A New World: Crafting a Draining Spell

Craft a Draining Spell by clicking the schema and then clicking Craft Item.

A New World: Equipping a Staff and Spell

Equip the Sorceror's Staff and Draining Spell by clicking them in the Inventory and then clicking Use Item.

A New World: T

Aim your staff at a tree or boulder and hold LMB to extract magic shards and stones.

A New World: Regaining Focus

Regain focus by eating flowers. Select them in the inventory then click Use Item.

A New World: Practice Makes Perfect

Reach level 4 by harvesting, draining and crafting new items.