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Factions in Dark and Light

There are three rival factions in Dark and Light: Humans, Elves and Dwarves. After choosing a server to play, you must choose a race to play as. There aren't yet clear advantages or disadvantages to which faction you choose.


"When humans first arrived on Archos, they struggled to survive and were shunned by the other races. With stubborn determination, Leondas Talos led his people west, where they discovered an abandoned fortress on the coast surrounded by beautiful grasslands. Here he founded the city of Talos, vowing that all people would be welcome within it's walls."

Choosing the Human faction will take you to the city of Talos, a Hilltop Keep in the west. The city and the faction are names after their founder, Leondas Talos.


"Before the Fall of Gaia, the southern lands were dense magical forests and the elves were its unquestioned masters. When the meteors and dark creatures arrives on Archos, the elves and their sacred groves were devastated. To survive, they joined forces with any who swore to protect the forests, and the city of Estel grew around the last Sylvian Oak."

Choosing the Elves faction will take you to the city of Estel, a Wilderness Paradise in the south. This beautiful city is surrounded by forest yet is bright and open. Perfect for people who love to be at one with nature.


"The Legends recount the story of Fafnir, the Dwarven king who first led his people north into the Thunderspire mountains following a flock of Nidhog. Here they dug out the caves and mines that would become the city of Ironfast. Today, all races still sing of the walls that are filled with more gold and iron than all the hairs on the chins of its defenders."

Choosing the Dwarves faction will take you to the city of Ironfast, a Mountain Stronghold in the north. What you lack in natural light you more than make up for in natural protection.