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There are many creatures in Dark and Light, found in every region of Archos. This is our comprehensive Creatures guide.

Creatures in Dark and Light

This list is in alphabetical order.

Arachnea Bahamut Balrog Bargesh
Bear Boa Boar Bramblehopper
Centaur Centaur Lancer Centaur Spearman Chieftain Centaur Vanguard
Crystalline Beast Cyclops Deathstalker Deer
Fafnir Fallen Fire Element Fire Lord
Ghost Goblin Griffin Grut Stag
Horse Ice Element Ice Dragon Ice Imp
Ice Wolf Kebo Kebo Elite
Light Element Longhorn Mastodorn Molten Tiger
Moth Muckripper Nidhog Ogre
Pegasus Peregriff PigLing Razorjaw
Searing Dragon Sheep Skorpidia Stirge
Stone Creature Stone Elemental Treant Unicorn
Volcanic Creature Vrock Water Element Wind Element
Wolf Wyvern Yeti

Aliases of Creatures in Dark and Light

Dark and Light is still in early stages, which means creature details can still change. Here are the other names you may know some of Archos's creatures by.

Alligar Banshee Berunda Colossal Flathorn
Colossus Dark Elemental Deadly Spider Elephant
Elite Goblin Fire Dragon Flarehorn Frost Dragon
Hellcat Hyena Kebo Lavatiger
Leonopteryx Nightshade Panther Piranha
Reaper Sacred Gryphon Skeleton Spider
Waterfly Windrider Rabbit

About the Bestiary

The Dark and Light Bestiary contains cards for every creature in Dark and Light. Each card gives some details about the creature. The cards are greyed out at the start of the game, their colours highlighted after you encounter, tame or kill the creature.

Taming Overview

Some creatures in the Dark and Light world can be tamed. To tame a creature, you usually need to tire it out by shooting it with Stone Hook Arrows or Iron Hook Arrows. For more information on how to tame creatures, check out the How To Tame in Dark and Light section or the individual creature pages.