Character Customization

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After you've chosen a server, there are three factions to choose from:

Talos = Humans
Estel = Elves
Ironfast = Dwarves

Once you've joined a faction, you can start customising your character. You can choose the sex (male or female), then you're on your way!

You can randomise the character if you wish. Your customisation can be saved as a template for future use.

Head Customisation

  • Headgear: head size, width, height and depth
  • Eyebrow: elevation, angle, thickness, spacing and width
  • Eyes: corner height, eye width, side, angle, elevation, spacing and colour
  • Face:
    • Cheekbone: elevation, depth, size
    • Forehead: size
    • Jaw: width, elevation
    • Chin: length, angle, location2
  • Nose:
    • Bridge: height, scale
    • Nose: length, width
    • Tip: angle, size
  • Mouth:
    • Mouth: elevation, width
    • Upper lip: thickness, width
    • Lower lip: thickness
    • Corners
  • Hair: style(presets) and colour
  • Facial hair: colour

Body Customisation

  • Body: skin colour, neck size and length, shoulder width, chest size
  • Arms: length, upper arm, lower arm, hand size
  • Waist: hip size, waist size, depth and height
  • Legs: leg length, thighs, lower leg slider, feet size